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Brad Brown Electric delivers top-quality general electrician services to homeowners and businesses throughout the Montgomery and Delaware Counties, Philadelphia, and Surrounding Areas.

Our Philosophy at Brad Brown Electric is all about putting you- the customer- first. By putting the focus on our customers and the integrity of our work, we are driven to deliver the highest standard of electrical contracting services that are precisely planned, efficiently executed, neatly completed and with as little impact as possible on your home, business or wallet. Our prices are competitive and affordable. We believe that in addition to getting the job done right, providing customers with superior value is our top priority.

Our Mission

Using progressive thinking and the highest standard of professionalism, Brad Brown Electric offers unmatched customer-focused electrical contracting services. To the team at Brad Brown Electric these are not just words, they are our tenets. We are successful because these philosophies define us as professionals. We are fueled by our passion for excellence and we take tremendous pride in our work. We believe that the work a company produces reflects the integrity and values of the people that make up that company.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our philosophy includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee on any service Brad Brown Electric provides. If you are not 100% satisfied with the job we do, we’ll work until we get it right. We won’t take your money until you are completely satisfied. That’s a promise you don’t find much any more, but it’s part of our philosophy at Brad Brown Electric.

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