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Brad Brown Electric services range from general electrical upgrades and installations to speciality historical renovation, including knob and tube wiring. The certified master electricians at Brad Brown Electric are ready to meet your electrical service needs.

Knob and Tube Wiring

Knob and tube wiring is the oldest residential wiring in existence. Knob and Tube wiring can be found throughout Montgomery County and Delaware County, PA in historic homes, industrial sites, farmhouses and more. Knob and tube wiring features ceramic knobs supporting individual strands of wire along their run with ceramic tubes protecting the wire where it passes through wall studs or floor joists. Knob and tube wiring was state-of-the-art up until around 1950. If not abused or tampered with, knob and tube wiring is still capable of carrying electricity safely.

Knob and tube wiring may become compromised if the insulation on the wire becomes brittle due to high temperature environments. Inappropriate splices can create a serious safety hazard in knob and tube wiring. In addition, since knob and tube wiring is not a grounded system, it cannot be used to wire modern electrical outlets. Knob and tube wiring is only appropriate for ungrounded applications.

If your home was built prior to 1950, you may have knob and tube wiring and not know it. While knob and tube wiring is not inherently unsafe, most home insurance companies will not write new policies on homes with knob and tube wiring.

At Brad Brown Electric we specialize in knob and tube wiring. While some general electricians will not touch knob and tube wiring, Brad Brown Electric we are prepared to face the challenges of knob and tube wiring including squeezing into the tightest of spaces. At Brad Brown Electric we take great pride in maintaining the historic integrity of your structure while servicing your knob and tube wiring.

Generator Installation

Generator installation is a great way to plan ahead in the event of an emergency, at home or in the workplace. Generator installation will save you the hassle of going without power due to dire events, accidents or weather emergencies.

Generator installation should be performed by a trained professional, preferably a certified master electrician. Handling your own generator installation puts you at risk of ruining your brand new generator the very first time it starts. Without professional generator installation chances are that your warranty will also be voided and rendered worthless. Most importantly, improper generator installation can lead to injury or even death.

Brad Brown Electric’s team of certified master electricians are well versed in generator installation. Leave it to the experts at Brad Brown Electric to help you stay one step ahead of power outages with generator installation services.

Trust your generator installation to the pros at Brad Brown Electric.

Historical Renovation

Historical renovation presents the unique challenge of maintaining the integrity of the historic structure while performing effective electrical updates. Historic renovation can take place on vintage homes, farms, industrial sites, public buildings and more. Historic renovation calls for a general electrician with experience working on historic sites. The certified master electricians at Brad Brown Electric are adept at squeezing into the tightest spaces to update knob and tube wiring and other vintage systems without compromising the integrity of your historic structure.

Historic renovations performed by the Brad Brown Electric team are given an extra level of care to protect surrounding surfaces while work is underway. At the end of the day Brad Brown Electric team has been trained to clean up the surrounding area and perform dust management, even if work must continue the next day. That’s our promise to you.

Audio/Video/Internet Installation

Audio/Video/Internet installation is a critical step in many electrical renovation and new construction projects. Audio/video/internet installation is a low-voltage application that none-the-less requires the expertise of a certified master electrician. Audio/video/internet installation allows for hard-wired installation of flat screen TVs, stereo and video equipment, cable and internet service and more. Audio/video/internet installation delivers a wire-free environment and convenient set up for all of your low-voltage needs.

Audio/Video/Internet installation is one of the most common electrician services performed by the pros at Brad Brown Electric.

Service Box Upgrade

Service box upgrade is needed when your existing fuse box is inadequate to handle your electrical demands. Service box upgrades are often required in historic houses and businesses which were wired at a time when the demand for energy was far less than it is today.

A service box upgrade will elevate your existing service box to a 100- or 200-amp circuit breaker panel. 100-amp panels are the minimum allowed with 200-amp upgrades being the most common.

Let the pros at Brad Brown Electric perform your service box upgrade in no time, with a minimum amount of disruption to your home or business. At Brad Brown Electric we put customers first, respecting your time, space and expectations while striving for excellence in all that we do.

General Electrician Services

At Brad Brown Electric we take our service calls seriously. We are expert troubleshooters and take pride in our efficiency when rectifying an electrical issue. We think of ourselves as dynamic because of our ability to quickly and effectively handle any issue without flinching. We have the tools, the extensive experience, the energy, and the passion to meet the needs of any situation with a smile. General electrical services include the general repair and installation of indoor or outdoor lighting and fixtures, exhaust fans, audio/video/internet installation, breakers/fuses, service box upgrades, wire upgrades, generator installation, switches, dimmers, outlets, more!

Exhaust Fan Installations

Doorbell Installations and Troubleshooting

Intercom Systems

Attic Exhaust Fans

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Lighting Design and Installation

Outdoor Outlets and Basement Utility Outlets

and Much More!

Whatever your life’s work is, do it well. A man should do his job so well that the living, dead, and the unborn could do it no better!

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

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