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Brad Brown Electric services range from general electrical upgrades and installations to speciality historical renovation, including knob and tube wiring. The certified master electricians at Brad Brown Electric are ready to meet your electrical service needs.

General Electrician Services

At Brad Brown Electric we take our service calls seriously. We are expert troubleshooters and take pride in our efficiency when rectifying an electrical issue. We think of ourselves as dynamic because of our ability to quickly and effectively handle any issue without flinching. We have the tools, the extensive experience, the energy, and the passion to meet the needs of any situation with a smile. General electrical services include the general repair and installation of indoor or outdoor lighting and fixtures, exhaust fans, audio/video/internet installation, breakers/fuses, service box upgrades, wire upgrades, generator installation, switches, dimmers, outlets, more!

Electrical Inspection

Each visit with Brad Brown Electric includes a courtesy safety evaluation. We ensure your electrical system is doing what it should – protecting you and your family. The National Electric Code (NEC) is consistently implementing new codes that requires new shock guard protection and fire guard protection to outlets and breakers where potential hazards can occur. As your electrician, it is our responsibility to both educate you and update your electrical system to meet the national standard for safety.

Electrical Panels and Services

To keep your whole electrical system intact it’s imperative to make sure your electrical panel (a.k.a fuse box, breaker box etc.) is in good health. Issues such as breakers not staying in the “ON” position causing circuits to go off or corrosion forming in the panel due to water damage are just a couple of issues that you want to catch sooner than later to maintain the electrical integrity of the system. Maintenance of your panel can prolong the life of your panel and ensure your home’s system is ready for your present electrical needs and can handle any future electrical load considerations.

Electrical Repair

When you are experiencing electrical issues – whether reoccurring or one off experience – we want to make sure that we identify the cause. Not just address a symptom. Our method is to conduct a diagnostic to ensure that we see what is going on behind the walls and give you a peace of mind that your wiring is intact and secure.

Electric Vehicle Wiring

You’ve made your choice in purchasing your new electric vehicle, now use the same care and due diligence to choose the professional who is installing your charging station. We will make sure that your NEMA rated outlet and new 240 volt line is protected with conduit, conveniently located for everyday use and most importantly meets the NEC code and your manufacturer’s requirements.


Lighting is so important to setting the ambiance and overall enjoyment of your home. When it comes to installing recessed lights, track lighting, directional lighting to highlight pieces of art or under cabinet lighting, it is our joy to come and give an artistic eye to your lighting desires. Temperature, finish and placement are integral to make a lighting installation perfect which is what we do. From the design to the clean-up you will not find a professional who cares more than you do about getting it right and doing it right.

Switches and Outlets

As your home’s electrical needs evolve, we can help you think through the logistics and end use of any electrical addition or relocation. Whether it is moving an outlet or adding a switch, we will spend the necessary time reviewing all options with you and determining the best solution for you.

Exhaust Fan Installations

Doorbell Installations and Troubleshooting

Intercom Systems

Attic Exhaust Fans

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Lighting Design and Installation

Outdoor Outlets and Basement Utility Outlets

and Much More!

Whatever your life’s work is, do it well. A man should do his job so well that the living, dead, and the unborn could do it no better!

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

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