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Knob and Tube Wiring

Knob and tube wiring is the oldest residential wiring in existence. Knob and Tube wiring can be found throughout Montgomery County and Delaware County, PA in historic homes, industrial sites, farmhouses and more. Knob and tube wiring features ceramic knobs supporting individual strands of wire along their run with ceramic tubes protecting the wire where it passes through wall studs or floor joists. Knob and tube wiring was state-of-the-art up until around 1950. If not abused or tampered with, knob and tube wiring is still capable of carrying electricity safely.

Knob and tube wiring may become compromised if the insulation on the wire becomes brittle due to high temperature environments. Inappropriate splices can create a serious safety hazard in knob and tube wiring. In addition, since knob and tube wiring is not a grounded system, it cannot be used to wire modern electrical outlets. Knob and tube wiring is only appropriate for ungrounded applications.

If your home was built prior to 1950, you may have knob and tube wiring and not know it. While knob and tube wiring is not inherently unsafe, most home insurance companies will not write new policies on homes with knob and tube wiring.

At Brad Brown Electric we specialize in knob and tube wiring. While some general electricians will not touch knob and tube wiring, Brad Brown Electric we are prepared to face the challenges of knob and tube wiring including squeezing into the tightest of spaces. At Brad Brown Electric we take great pride in maintaining the historic integrity of your structure while servicing your knob and tube wiring.

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